Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Once a Friend told me, you have to be content in you singleness before you get married...

I had to think about that long to understand it, that you have to be a whole person before you can offer yourself to someone else, but I wonder if being happy, content, finally accepting your singleness is actually accomplishing being a whole person??...If that was the case, prince charming should be knocking on my door, but the reality is that I don´t think that accepting my single life is accomplishing that.
Don´t get me wrong, I love my single life, I´m content with it, I´m actually attache to it, but I wonder if that's the main reason I´m not in a relationship, but deep down I know the truth (at least for now)  I´m loving my new life, and I don´t know if I could give it up.
All my Valentine days where a remainder that I was alone, or in a relationship, they were never about loving my self, and being happy on my own...Now that I look back, I realize that I was never truly happy that day, I never love my self and celebrate my self loving. You know, in your birthdays everything is about you, but not for me, I´m always checking if everyone is having fun and I´m to stress to have any fun, so I never had that day that revolved around me until this last Valentine´s Day.
My friend, Laura decided we would have a girls night Valentine (yeah she took the idea from the movie Valentine´s day) but her idea was different, we make this great invitations, where we had to put something we like about the girl that we invited, so they feel love, the card I receive was decorated with Nicholas Sparks quotes. The party consisted in a party where you could bring only one plus one...YOUR SELF. And we make that day that reminds us all that we where single, a day that reminds us all how awesome we where, we dance, we sing, we play games, we talk, we drink wine...we had a great self loving night. 
Of course, me and my single girlfriends still have "not so great" days, when we watch sappy love movies, or read Nicholas Sparks novels, or any romance novels...and we know that doesn´t help, but sometimes is necesarry; but after that down day, that you eat all the ice cream in the world, the next day remember to have fun, go out, and have a self loving day.

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