Monday, March 25, 2013

First time as a single women

Now that I see that some of you have enter (but didnt have time to comment, don't be shy hahaha), I continue...
I do work, I have a job, I work at a company, doing contracts in Spanish, English and Italian, probably thought I was some girl like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City working for a magazine,don´t get me wrong...I would absolutely love to be her...great sex, flawless clothes, and the shoes OMG!!!....nevertheless I do have curly hair, now a days brown (i went blonde for the summer...not a good choice), and I do love great shoes and great sex. But the similarities end there, yeah we are connected like every single lady (if she was a real non fictional person of a tv series) out there, that would probably understand me way better than my best friend Lucy (who is in a 4 year long relationship, on the way to marry the guy).
I am single since last year, officially speaking, I did break up with my ex´s Eduardo about 2 year ago (i know exactly the day that we ended, but putting it would imply that I´m not over him...) but we continued seeing each other for one hole year (yeah...he was the best sex i had ever have, plus I was totally in love with him).
When I call Lucy, the day I finally decided to put an end to it (not my choice, but I saw him with another girl, actually and older women...and I have to end it, I not going to be anybody's second choice, except for Bradley Cooper, hehe.), she told me that everything would be okay  that it was for the best, that she never like him (your best friends always tells you that they don't really like you ex´s once you break up with them...whats up with that?!?), and she bring over the best 2 guys friends a girl can have, ben&jerry. The next morning felling like crap I had to go to the gym.
lets say it took me 3 months to finally go out again with some guy...and Lucy´s boyfriend, Tomas, decided his best friend would be a great match for me...
His name is Pablo, he came up to pick me 30 minutes late, everyone that knows me knows that is a NO-NO in my book but I hadn't have sex in 3 months, and I was starting to get, lets be honest... HORNY.
We went to a bar, to drink beer and do karaoke, the date was actually a mess, Pablo went all night long talking about his ex girlfriend, what he missed about her, and how I was the only girl he felt something for since they broke up (thinking that would get him under my pants, in this actual case my dress), the point was the only way I could continued in this date was by drinking, so I keep drinking beer (yeah main different with SJP I dont drink cosmopolitans, I drink beer...)...the next morning I woke up in his house...I told you I was Horny, plus sex is a proven way to lose weight, and being alone was starting to show, hehe. Since that day Tomas (lucy´s boyfriend) tried to fix me up with Pablo, he thought I was a sure thing...and that only happened once.
So that was the story of my first time as a single woman.


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