Monday, March 25, 2013

My single Life Today

Well here we go, this is my first blog, and for many things (which maybe I will later tell you about) I stop talking with my psychologist, so I decided to star a blog about my life as single, and maybe some of you girls out there (and boys if you like!) will follow me and my story.
First of all, I am a latina girl, leaving some where in the word (hahaha), now a day Argentina, but my dad is American, and my Mom Italian (I was raise in Italy, and English is my second language so sorry for mistakes), and my ex boyfriend was Latino (that's how I ended here in Argentina but that a different story).
I grow up with this family idea in my head, by the time I was 25, I would be married, or on the way to be....but my reality now is a different one.
I don't considered my self ugly, neither way I not a model, but I am pretty good looking (self love is everything haha), I like reading, watching movies and sports (the majority of the time to see the good looking athletes, but let that be our little secret...), being outdoors, and i am pretty easy here is my shock...WHY THE HELL I´M STILL SINGLE AT 25.
I don't know if some of you feel the same, but when you are single you see happy couples everywhere...and I just think, why it cant be me...and lest be honest, we all thought how on earth that stupid, spoil  arrogant, (or what you wish) girl got a boyfriend and you didn't.
Realizing my attitude towards my situation, I decided that the first step was admitting I was single and being happy about it...and then i realized being single was kind of  awesome, I could go out and be with every guy I wanted...the world was all my (well no with every guy...i not that kind of girl, but I don't judge, if you like that go for it).
So now I have tons of stories from my new single life, my best blind date, and the worst blind date of the history of blind dates of the word, when my best friend boyfriend tried to fix's me up with his best friend (and he still tries...that is never going to happened...again), and maybe I will tell you about the time I fell in love with my psychologist...yeah I know...not cool...but if you saw him you would understand, plus he always had the correct answers (but now that I think about it that was his job). 
So if you are in for and adventure, sometimes crying with me about memories, have a good laugh, shared stories, and see where my singleness takes me, follow me, I´m a 25 years old single girl enjoying life as single, hopping to find the man of my dreams in the way. 

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