Sunday, April 14, 2013

Going out or staying in...

Now a days I have everything I need, I love job, my new flat is really nice, white, and has great light, and a comfy couch to read Bet me, by jennifer Crusie for the 10 time,  plus I´m single and loving it. So I dont understand why my friends dont get my desire to stay in on a Saturday night. So I decided to explain why...why is so hard to go out partying.

First of all...I´m absolutely sure that in a disco I will not meet someone that is really worth it, or at least not prince charming, and even though you may be lucky one night, during the first our dancing, as the night continues everything and everyone turns bad, they are drunk, and smelly (because inside every disco of every country of the world, is really hottt), and when it is time for the bar/disco to close, suddenly you are the most attractive girl there, and every guy is trying to take you home, (you or any girl that says not that they really like you), to see if they can have sex with you that night. But I have to said, that I don´t like that, I like, romance, a nice dinner, or coffee, getting to know the guy before I sleep with him.
Second, if you go out, every time you have to think...what you will put (a nice and short cant go out with pants, or pj) and always put some make up on, it is like a sorry more like a obligation that society command us to obey. And I hate that....even when you go out only with your friends, if you are not with make up,or your hair done, you are like a freak  that doesn´t care of her own presentation.
Don´t get me wrong, I love dressing up and using make up; but dressing up and putting on makeup only to go to a jungle of smelly and drunk guys it a NO-NO on my book. 
The best and most fun night out partying, in my case, were those nights that I didnt plan on going out, that I was wearing flats, or snickers, my hair was in up in a bun, and I could dance all night long, comfortable and having fun, with out worrying  if my skirt was short and everyone could see my panties, or if my make up was all right.
Finally, I  lost my best party companion, Lucy (my best friend if you didnt read my previous post), stop going out because she has a boyfriend (I don´t get that...your social life is not over because you are in a relationship...but I will talk about that some other time).
So, that's all...yeah I know that I probably sound like an old lady complaining about the loud music, but the truth is that I prefer staying in, and probably meeting my other half some where else rather than in a disco...maybe in a bus stop...who some of you feel the same??
But, never the less, sometimes I do go out partying, and I really have fun, but sometimes, like yesterday,  I do go out, I came home at 7 am, and I can´t sleep, because I think why on earth did I go out and didnt stay in.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My best blind date.

I´m back...sorry I was resting at the beach hehe...and I wast able to blog...I had a wonderful time, with my friends, but now I´m back in the city, and back in reality...god I love holidays.
Today I will talk you about my best blind date...First of all lets be honest, blinds date are awful, or at least that´s my opinion. You don´t know the guy, but your friends, boss, sister, cousin, mother, etc say that this person was the perfect match for you...and being a hopeless romantic you cant say no. When they arrived to pick you up, you are all nervous, and don't know what to expect, but you hope that prince charming is down stairs...and he turns out to be everything you dislike in someone, or sometimes they are pretty nice guys but not your perfect match...and that makes your self think...what my friends, boss, sister, cousin and mother thinks about me that they believe that this person was my other half.
Well, I learn to lower my expectations in blind dates...and then I have the best blind dates of all my life...(I guess is true, when you stop looking, good things will come your way). His name is Carlos, I expected someone Latin, you know, big and with black hair, because of the name, and he was the opposite, he was really short, but that was okey, I´m really short my self. He had planned the hole date, we went to a bar, but not any was a Speakeasy bar (secret bar), (Franks bar, if you came to Buenos Aires you have to go) in the Chicago and New York during the 1920s. There is only a small sign over the door saying "Franks"...yeah I thought Carlos took me there, to kill me...when I was starting to get really afraid, he told me, that this was a secret bar, and that he had made a reservation, that I shouldn´t be afraid...I decided to trust him...
when we finally arrived at the door, he gave the password to the doorman (it changes every day, that they was I love yellow), and he told us, that we had to entry a hall where there was a phone booth at the end, and, there we have to enter a code (that the doorman gave us 2,3,4,5)...and the rear of the phone booth turned into the door to the club...I was so mysterious and fun at the same time. The bar inside was really nice, It had a french kind of look, and the drinks were great, the only thing, that it was a little bit awkward for a first date was that there was a "tasteful" sex shop in side the bar...yeah...awkward.
But the date was a blast, he was really cool, and funny, and he clearly thought of a way to impress me,I could believe I never knew about this bar, all the mystery around it make the date even more interested. (If some of you are from Argentina, you should check it out.).
I went out with Carlos two more times...I didn´t work, but I will always remember him, he was the best and most fun blind date I ever had.