Friday, May 3, 2013

Open relationships

My new reality (being single) open my eyes to a new (for me new) kind of relationship...OPEN RELATIONSHIPS.
A definition of an open relationship is two individuals who are in a committed relationship but they can openly fuck with other people. I don´t know yet how I feel about this, If both of the people in the relationship are aware that the other one is having sex with other people, that's okey. Everyone can do what they like, hell 50 shades of grey open up a new kind of sex life to many people, and I you like it go for it. I concluded that if all parties involved have and agreement and are fine with this kind of relationships who I´m to judge.
But, when a guy I was dating told me that we were in an open relationship, I was shock, I didn´t know how I feel about that at the moment, and I came across a blog that really help me, It listed some potential complications (main rule: always practice safe sex, if not the complications could be STDs and pregnancy):
1:  the main complication is what happens once you are with someone else:
a- both of us are in to it
b-neither of us are in to it, and we return to monogamy 
c- one of us is into it and the other isn´t....this is where if we continue with our open relationship one eventually will be unhappy.
2: Your partner could like the other person more:
this can really happen, lets be honest sex is an intimate act, (hey we usually say that we make love with the other person, not sex) wouldn´t be a big surprise that my partner or I like more the other and new person, which leave you or your ex lover in the cold with the pants down.
this blog, that i read about it, help me realized that I should do what I really wanted to....and I was not a 100 % comfortable with my partner having sex with other people. I´m a one guy gal. I know that being with one person for the rest of my life can become less than exciting, but I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, I love being only with one person, having an exclusive relationship, with it ups and downs...when sometimes you want to have sex and your partner is just tired. Yes...I know that this probably makes me uncool...but being honest with my self I´m not an open relationship kind of girl. So the next day I call of that relationship.
What do you all think about open relationships??